Chicks Luv Us & Medeew

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“Chicks Luv’us” might sound like a presumptuous way for two 26-year-olds to see themselves, but, hey, DJ life is hard! Ever since Mirak & Anthony Hokins had their debut at the decks eight years ago in a small French bar, their friendship and enthusiasm for music have grown steadily. The spark came, as so often the case, from older brothers, who listened to classical House tracks and, in doing so, inspired the siblings. When asked about their roots and influences, Groove is the common denominator, which can really be in every genre, but particularly in House and Hip-Hop.

The basic format, which includes a 4/4 tact, a tempo of around 120 bpm, a snare drum or hand claps to 2 and 4, and a hissing hi-hat between the beats, was quickly mastered. And so it was only a matter of time before Mirak and Anthony would start to produce on their own in addition to playing records. Since 2009, they have been residents at the Spartacus Club between Marseille and Aix-En-Provence, one of the most important electronic addresses in the whole south of France. Here, they regularly share the controls with other ‘global players’ like Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier, and Dubfire. And then in 2011 the studio start came. It was not uncommon for them to spend more than eight hours a day here. The effort paid off because in no time at all Chicks Luv’us had become a real number.

One release followed the next, remixes were lining up, and through Nick Curly‘s playlist, people in Mannheim heard about the young Frenchmen. Now that they are a member of the mono family, they are exposed to the whole shebang including collaborations with other members like Bunte Bummler, releases on mono recordings, inclusion in mono’s own booking roster and own events. Germany needs to brace itself whenever Chicks Luv’us steps up to the decks: Dance floors will be taken by storm, hearts and panties will fly to the desk! Although the name might sound presumptuous, at the end of the night, it’s just part of the program…